What Genres Of Music Do You Work With?
We work with all genres of music. I do not believe there is a genre we have not worked with. A good engineer will be capable of working with any genre of music.

What Is The Average Turn Around Time?
Standard mastering is turned around within 4-7 days, priority mastering is turned around within 2-48 hours. Mixing is turned around within 4-7 days. Mastering of a mix is performed the following day after being confirmed as ready to master.
In-studio Production of a track/single is usually done within 3-5 days depending on the song’s requirements.

How Can I Get In Contact With You?
You can contact us via email, phone or social media. Full contact details can be found here.

What If I Don’t Like How My Track Has Turned Out?
In the highly unlikely case that you do not like the track, we will work with you to correct the track to suit your taste. The engineer will apply the required measures in order to achieve the very best from your track. Speaking with the engineer can resolve any issues you may have and often, in this case, requires a tweak to the mix in order to make the required changes. Edits to a track are not charged. The end result is that we want the client to be happy with how their track has turned out.

Can You Print My Album Or Single On To A CD?
Yes, we can, we offer a CD duplication service that provides color print CDs for both large and small runs.

What Format Do You Need My Files In?
The best file format to send your files in is 44,100kHz 24bit wav.

What Is Analogue Mastering?
Analog mastering is a mastering process that utilizes analog mastering equipment as well as digital mastering plugins. By using both analog hardware and digital mastering plugins we are able to achieve the best of both worlds. Hybrid analog mastering is a far superior mastering process to just analog or digital mastering. We are able to obtain a far louder, more dynamic, balanced master.

How Long Does Mastering Take?
Standard mastering is turned around within 4-7 days and priority mastering is turned around within 2-48 hours. If you require your trackback by a certain date please let us know when sending your files and we will make sure your tracks are back to you mastered before your deadline.

Can You Master For iTunes?
Yes, mastered for iTunes or Mfit is Apples new specification for iTunes. It aims to deliver the best sound by removing imperfections in the master and obtaining the best possible resolution when encoded to Apples’s AAC format. Please be aware that this is in no way essential for music to be released in the iTunes store. The benefits of getting a track mastered for iTunes is that once uploaded to iTunes, playback of the downloadable mastered for iTunes version is optimised to playback within iTunes perfectly. All mastered for iTunes orders include both 16 and 24 Bit 44,100kHz wav masters as well as a 320kbs mp3 which are not mastered for iTunes.

I Produced My Song Digitally, Does This Mean I Can Only Use Digital Mastering?
No, even more so does a digitally produced track require an analog touch. Mixing and or mastering a digitally produced track in the analog domain not only brings the track to life but it will also turn a harsh digital track intro a smooth work of art.

What If I Have Accidentally Sent The Wrong Mix For Mastering?
Simply get in contact with us via email, quoting your order number and we will replace the file. Please be sure to get in contact with us ASAP to ensure we have the correct file to master before mastering commences. If you do not realize until you have received your master back, we can switch the mix and run it through the exact same chain. This process works fine as long as the mix has not drastically changed.

Why Should I Get My Music Professionally Mastered?
Mastering is one of if not the most important part of the engineering process of a track. Mastering can make or break a song. Too many artists fall at the final hurdle with poor quality mastering. A professional engineer will ensure your music plays back correctly across all devices. The skills and knowledge required to do so is an art.

What Is Digital Mastering?
Digital mastering is a mastering process that utilizes only digital mastering plugins. Digital mastering can achieve a similar result to analog mastering with the aid of UAD analog emulation.

What Is The Difference Between Digital & Analogue?
Analogue mastering includes the use of analogue mastering equipment. Digital mastering uses only digital mastering plugins and is not summed out the box.

What Is Timed Mastering?
Timed mastering is the mastering of a piece of music that consist of more than one track. For instance dj mixes, live bands set recordings, audio books or films. Audio files can be a maximum of up to 2 hours long and consist of any audio source.

What Will I Receive Back?
Master (24bit 44,100kHz wav)
CD Master (16bit 44,100kHz wav)
MP3 (320kbs mp3)
Instrumental (at the request of the client)
Acappella (at the request of the client)
Radio Edit (at the request of the client)
Extended Edit (at the request of the client)
Mastered For Vinyl (ordered additionally)
Mastered For iTunes (ordered additionally)

Are There Additional Charges For Supplying An Instrumental Version Of My Track To Master?
No, instrumentals as well as acapella are free of charge and included in the price. This is of course optional and does require you sending both the full mix, instrumental and acapella to us to be mastered.

Do I Have To Be Based In The UAE?
No, we work with artists and producers around the world. Files are sent through our website once your order is placed and files are returned through our secure server via email.

What Is Stem Mastering?
Stem mastering is the process of summing up to 12 stems together and mastering the summed stems across the master bus. The benefit of working in this way is that the engineer has control over each individual audio channel that is summing to the master bus. Resulting in the engineer being able to balance the mix correctly to get the very best from the track.

What Is The Difference Between Stem Mastering And Standard Mastering?
Stem mastering is a similar process to standard analogue mastering but with the added benefit of having full control over the balance of the mix that is running into the master bus. In addition stem mastering makes use of various processing options to enhance each individual channel. Standard mastering however only includes processing across the master bus.

How Long Does Stem Mastering Take?
Stem mastering is turned around within 4-7 days. If you require your track back by a certain date please let us know when sending your files and we will make sure your tracks are back to you mastered before your deadline.

Is Stem Mastering Done In The Analogue Domain?
Yes all stem mastering projects are mastered in the analogue domain using various analogue EQ’s and compressors.

Can I Request To Have The Mastered Stems Returned Back To Me With The Master?
Yes, at the request of the client whilst recording the master files we can also record the mastered stems. We will record both fully mastered stems as well as dynamic stems.